We spent a couple days visiting our good friend Peggy Mew in Wichita Falls.  She’s another friend who escaped California for Texas!

We didn’t get to see the falls because they were “turned off” because of excessive mud in the river, but Peggy played tour guide and showed us around town.  We visited the Museum of North Texas History and learned more about the area including the discovery of oil here, the devastating tornadoes that have swept through the city, and more.

One exhibit was a collection of cowboy hats from residents of the area. It started in the 50’s or 60’s when the owner of the “Cow Lot,” a western wear store in Wichita Falls received a large 10-gallon hat from his brother, “The Falwell Hat” – complete with bullet hole, and he hung it on his wall.

Over the years, as customers bought new hats, they hung their old hats on the wall. By the time he closed his store in 2006, he had amassed a collection of over 500 hats from locals. And, as the museum states, “The Falwell Hat started the whole dang thing …”

Another exhibit featured medical devices from a bygone day. This is an iron lung used for polio patients.

It was a nice local museum that continues to grow.