Whether you are a first time RV traveler, or a seasoned pro, an RV trip checklist can be invaluable. While a lot of the items on a checklist may seem obvious, the value in having and using a list like this can’t be understated. Your trip checklist should include items like clothing, food and drinks, eating utensils, towels and wash cloths, and more. To help get you started, we’ve provided a checklist below, and at the bottom have a downloadable pdf you can print and use.

Be sure to check off items from your list when you pack them in your bags or place them in your motorhome/RV.

RV Trip Checklist

Packing List for Your RV Kitchen

____ Drink ware: plastic cups, mugs, wine glasses

____ Plates and bowls

____ Eating utensils

____ Knives for food prep

____ Cooking utensils – spatula, large spoons, tongs

____ Mixing bowls

____ Pots & pans

____ Measuring cups & spoons

____ Bottle, can, and wine openers

____ Cutting board

____ Toaster

____ Scissors

____ Colander

____ Tea kettle

____ Blender

____ Food processor

____ Food storage – baggies, foil, storage containers.

____ Napkins and paper towels

____ Dish soap & cleaning products

____ Sponges, rags, towels, potholder

____ Trash bags

____ Ice cube trays

____ Chip clips

____ Lighter/matches

____ BBQ/Grill

____ Campfire fork

Packing List for RV Bedroom and Bathroom

____ Bedding and pillows

____ Soap: hand soap and shower soap

____ Washcloths

____ Towels: hand, bath, and beach towels

____ Shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products

____ Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

____ Toilet paper (septic safe / for RV use)

____ Kleenex

____ Toiletries: deodorant, razor, nail clippers, files, tweezers, chapstick, etc.

____ Skin care products: lotions, powder, night cream

____ Brush, comb, hair ties, clips

____ Advil/Tylenol, antacids, prescriptions, allergy, etc.

____ Sleep aids: Earplugs, eye-mask, essential oils

____ Laundry: detergent, wash bag, roll of quarters

____ Shower tote bag

____ Shower shoes / flip-flops

Packing List for RV Recreation and Living

____ Sunscreen

____ Water bottles

____ First Aid Kits (one large for RV and one portable for day hikes)

____ Insect repellant

____ Flashlight, Lantern

____ Paper maps and/or road atlas

____ Fitness gear – resistance bands, yoga mat, etc.

____ Headphones

____ Walkie Talkies

____ Water shoes, running shoes, hiking boots, etc

____ Rain gear: jackets, umbrella

____ Swimsuits

____ Sunglasses

____ Hats and visors

____ Backpack

____ Cameras & camera gear: (tripod, backup batteries, etc)

____ Binoculars

____ Camp chairs & portable table

____ Picnic/beach blanket

____ Outdoor rug

____ Outdoor games – corn hole/bean bag toss, horseshoes

____ Bikes, locks, helmets

____ Pens, paper, clips, permanent marker, tape, scissors, etc.

____ Device chargers & devices (computer, tablets, phones)

____ Books, magazines, movies

____ Cards, games (we love pegs & jokers), puzzles

Download the RV Trip Checklist Here