Traveling in an RV is the way to go. No matter where in the country you are, you get to sleep in your own bed and you don’t have to pack / unpack suitcases.

There are the occasional hurdles though – the inevitable repairs that come up. Every time we travel, it’s like putting our house through an earthquake. Things are bound to come loose.

When we were leaving Florida we noticed unusual noise when leveling and retracting our jacks. That called for a service appointment at the REV Technical Center in Alvarado, Texas. We pulled in a week and a half ago with a short list of minor repairs. Then the wait began.

Camping in the parking lot awaiting parts.

In total, we were camped in the parking lot for 10 days waiting on parts. Not everything came in, but we needed to get back to California, so we had the repairs done that could be finished, then had everything else shipped to a dealer in the Sacramento area.

One nice thing about the wait was we got to make a number of new friends.  Here we are with four of them at dinner one night.

Full-time RVing is a great lifestyle – even with the occasional minor setbacks.  We love it.  We’ve met a ton of wonderful people and many great new friends.

We’re currently on the road to California.  Spent the past couple nights in Tucumcari & Albuquerque, New Mexico. Planning to make it to Flagstaff, Arizona today.

Happy travels!