We’ve been back in the Sacramento area for two months as we renovated our house to get it ready for sale. It’s been a lot of work, but very worthwhile.

The house is listed, and we had our first open house yesterday. Hoping for a quick sale to the right buyer so we can get back on the road.

Here’s a video tour of the house.

As much as we loved this house when we lived there, we love our motorhome and the RV lifestyle even more. As we’ve renovated, we’ve been staying in the motorhome at area campgrounds.

Sacramento has a surprising lack of nice campgrounds. The first couple weeks we were here, we stayed at the Cal Expo RV park and the Far Horizons 49er RV Resort in Plymouth.

Cal Expo RV Park

The best part about staying at Cal Expo is convenience. It’s fairly centrally located, so getting to our house in Gold River is an easy drive. For visitors to the area, its close enough to downtown, the State Capitol and Old Sacramento, that it makes for an okay base of operations.

The negatives? The Cal Expo RV park is just a large, gravel parking lot with hookups. There is a laundry room, private bathrooms, and dog park, but that’s it.

When the Sacramento County Fair or the California State Fair is going, the bulk of the park is unusable, so getting a spot is pretty tough.

The $40/night price is reasonable because of the convenience, but the aesthetics are surely lacking.

Far Horizons 49er Village RV Resort

The 49er resort is nice, but far overpriced. The park was recently acquired by Sun Resorts, and they’re making some improvements.

Located in Plymouth, California, the RV park is roughly 45 miles from downtown Sacramento and the State Capitol, so it works as a base for sightseeing in the area. There are many trees giving plenty of shade from the hot California sun, and all the spots are full hookups.

There is a pond/stream that runs through the park, and visitors will encounter plenty of ducks roaming about. The 49er Village also features a cafe, small store, and a nice pool.

Although the website touts daily rates starting at $32, the reality is that rates are closer to $50-60/ night depending on the season. That’s quite high, but the park is full every weekend, so people are willing to pay it.

The biggest negatives for us were some of the low class individuals camping there.

We’ve traveled in all 48 lower states the past couple years, and have never encountered such low life idiots as we did in Plymouth. Shouting, cussing, calling each other the “n-word” and more. Even worse, someone turned off our electricity while we were gone for the day. Had it not been for our auto-start generator, our dogs could have died from the heat.

Thankfully, the generator kicked in and kept the coach cool.

Seriously, who would turn off someone’s electric?

It happened the day before we were leaving, so we didn’t bother talking to management. Probably should have, but we needed to get to the house to work, so we just packed up in the morning and headed on our merry way.

Would we stay there again? Not likely.

Lake Minden RV Resort

The bulk of our time the past two months as been at the Lake Minden RV Resort in Nicklaus, California. This is part of the Thousand Trails / Encore park system. With our Thousand Trails membership, we stay for free for up to three weeks at a time.

Located 24 miles from downtown Sacramento, Lake Minden offers a serene setting with plenty of shade trees. The majority of the RV park is made up of sites with just water and electric, so that is a challenge for longer stays. There are a couple of dump stations, and there is honeywagon service for $25 a pop.

During our first three-week stay, we managed to snag one of the full hook up sites. These are located very close to the entrance, so for us, it made the commute that much easier.

The bulk of the sites are located halfway around the lake. The campground has a 5 mph speed limit, so it takes a bit to get to your site when parked over there. It is worth it, though.

This is the view in front of our current site. It really is nice waking up to this each morning.

The Lake Minden RV Resort has a cafe, small, store and the typical amenities – restrooms, laundry facility and dog walk areas. It does not have a pool, though, just the lake for swimming. We’ve seen many families enjoying the water.

We’ll be at this campground for a couple more weeks, then we’ll head over to the Ponderosa RV Resort in Lotus (just west of Sacramento). Ponderosa is another Thousand Trails / Encore resort. They had a lot of flood damage this winter and are only opening up fully on the 1st of August.

We’re looking forward to seeing that park.

Until next time … Happy Trails!