When we were shopping for our motorhome, one of the manufacturers we seriously considered was Newmar. Based in Napanee, Indiana, the Newmar Corporation makes some beautiful RVs.

Newmar recently participated in a Made in America event at the White House. One company from each state was represented, and Newmar represented Indiana.

I came across a Facebook post recently from one of the salesmen who participated. Matt Miller wrote about his experience at the White House and meeting with President Trump:

“He loved the unit, he walked up to us from the oval office and said hi, he said wow this thing is nice, how are you guys doing, we chatted a little bit and I told him from the 900 Newmar employees THANK YOU for all he’s doing to help the economy. I told him business is awesome. The press was standing behind us and he said tell them, I was tongue tied and I’m not sure what I spit out, I was not ready for that. Then he said ‘I want to go in this thing’ he walked all the way thru the unit and visited with us, he asked who the buyers are, what the price was, he really seemed to like it. He was impressed with the rear bathroom, he said ‘this is a real full size bathroom.’”

“I think he spent 30 seconds in there just looking at the shower and everything. He was very warm and friendly. He made us feel at ease like we could just have a comfortable conversation with him. He commented a number of times how nice it was.”

“It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I’m sure I’ll never forget it. It was so cool to have our unit parked at the white house, 50′ from the oval office and right beside the rose garden.”

“Most people will never see the rose garden. I spent most of the day right beside it. The access we were allowed to have was amazing. We were allowed to roam freely around the state room and in and out a couple different doors. We used the bathrooms in the White House like we owned the place. And the staff and the secret service were conversational and accommodating and friendly. We had members of POTUS security detail in the unit for a while just visiting with us talking about RVing. When the President was in the London Aire it was just him, Kevin and myself and a staff photographer. I was really surprised there was no security detail with him in the unit.”

“We also had a chance to visit with VP Pence earlier in the day and had about a 5 minute conversation with him. Secretary Carson was also in our unit and I was able to take a picture with him as well. He’s always been one of my hero’s and I’d never met him before.“