We were in Lake Havasu City, Arizona for almost a month. It was a nice stay, although the weather was cooler than we expected. We took advantage of the nice days to enjoy the lake.

London Bridge

One of the main tourist attractions in Lake Havasu (besides the lake itself) is the original London Bridge.

Purchased in 1968 for $2.4 million from the Common Council of the City of London, London Bridge was disassembled brick by brick and shipped to America where it was reconstructed in Lake Havasu City.

Near the bridge is London Bridge Beach. We strolled along the shore and the walking path. The lake is beautiful.

Panoramic View of the lake from London Bridge Beach

Spring break is in full swing in Lake Havasu. Here’s a little taste of the spring breakers having fun.

The Lake

We rented a boat and headed out for a day on the water with some friends. It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time. Here are some highlights.

On our way for a day on the Lake. Sun screen? Check. Picnic? Check. Boat rental? Check. Fun friends? Check.

The canal heading toward London Bridge

All in all, we enjoyed our time in Lake Havasu, but now we’re on to our next stop – the Grand Canyon.

Happy trails!