Texas becomes the 47th state we’ve visited on our epic adventure. We rolled into the state on the 18th of March and headed straight to Houston to visit family. Jeff’s sister and her family have lived here for several years, and it was great to see them.

We paid a visit to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and it was by far the best natural science museum we’ve been to. We even liked it better than the Smithsonian.

The trip started with some fun as Cathy and the kids fought dinosaurs in the lobby.

From there, we worked our way through the large dinosaur exhibit viewing fossils and skeletons of various creatures from all over the world.

Here’s a sampling of the exhibits. Of course, there are plenty more pictures in the photo gallery.


The museum also featured a fascinating exhibit of ancient Egypt, complete with actual mummies.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more pictures.


Interesting Sights

We discovered a fun app for our phone a while back called “Roadside Attractions” – they have a website as well. It lists interesting and odd attractions throughout the country. Houston, like most major cities, has its share of oddities. Here are a couple we found.

Giant Armadillo

Since 2008, this 14-foot long, 22-foot tall steel-plated armadillo with longhorns has greeted visitors to Goode’s BBQ. Its eyes glow red, and smoke pours out of its nostrils. Quite the sight.


Giant President Heads

Located behind a chain link fence in an industrial area of Houston, the “Giant President Heads” are the work of artist David Adickes. The series of heads were originally displayed at theme parks in South Dakota and Virginia, but both have closed and the heads were relocated to Adickes’ storage lot.

George HW Bush

Lyndon Johnson

There’s even a giant Charlie Chaplin in the lot!

Charlie Chaplin

Heading Out

We really enjoyed our time in Houston. On our last day we even got to see our nephew Joey’s little league game.  Although we had three fun days, we hardly scratched the surface of things to see and do.  A return trip will definitely be on the list.