We finally slowed down a bit and did some serious sightseeing in Mississippi. Our stop was in the town of Vicksburg, just outside Jackson, the state’s capitol. The history in this area is quite astonishing – from civil war battlefields and the epicenter of the civil rights struggle, to the first place where Coca Cola […]

The rain followed us into Louisiana making sight seeing a bit difficult our first day.  By day two, the sky had cleared and we were able to head into town.  We found another street fair along the waterfront separating Bossier City from Shreveport and had a great time visiting with vendors (and shopping of course).

Well… we’re definitely behind in posting updates from our trip. We’ve zipped through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, and are now sitting in sunny Florida. Here’s a recap of our trek through Texas. Lubbock, Texas The journey through Texas was uneventful.  We encountered a ton of rain along the way, but were able to do […]