On our journey back to California, we passed right through Winslow, Arizona, and had to stop. Here we are “Standin’ on the corner.” Take it easy!  Off to California to see Zack!!

We drove through Hell to get here, but we made it. Had a really nice spot in the campground with a water view.  The Lansing Cottonwood Campground boasts two stocked fishing ponds.  It’s the only campground in Lansing, and was a perfect spot for us to hang our hats while visiting family.   Lansing is home […]

Passing through Ohio we made a stop in Columbus – home to “thee” Ohio State University. Even some locals we talked to laughed at the use of “thee” by OSU fans and alumni. The campus is big. Not nearly as pretty as Ann Arbor and the Michigan Campus. We had a couple of students take […]