The city of Galveston is located on Galveston Island on the Gulf Coast of Texas. We spent a couple of days there and had a great time. The beaches were nice, although the water here isn’t as blue as further down south. That’s because of the silt carried into the Gulf by the Mississippi River. […]

Texas becomes the 47th state we’ve visited on our epic adventure. We rolled into the state on the 18th of March and headed straight to Houston to visit family. Jeff’s sister and her family have lived here for several years, and it was great to see them. We paid a visit to the Houston Museum […]

Welcome to Louisiana We learned an interesting fact about Louisiana: the state has the highest alligator population in the United States – nearly 2 million alligators in the wild, and thousands more on alligator farms. In Cameron Parish, Louisiana, alligators outnumber people 10 to 1! The name alligator comes from the Spanish explorers who called […]