We must be having fun because time is flying past very quickly. Here it is December already and we haven’t updated you in a while. We made it Florida! Navarre First stop was Navarre, Florida. Located in the Panhandle, Navarre was further west from where the hurricane decimated Mexico Beach, and remained relatively untouched. We […]

Arriving in Mobile, we were greeted at the RV Resort with a welcome sign. Never experienced that before. And they even included our pups! The people of Mobile were so welcoming and friendly. We truly had a nice time exploring the city. Our first stop was a Duck Boat tour. Duck boats are DUKW military […]

We finally slowed down a bit and did some serious sightseeing in Mississippi. Our stop was in the town of Vicksburg, just outside Jackson, the state’s capitol. The history in this area is quite astonishing – from civil war battlefields and the epicenter of the civil rights struggle, to the first place where Coca Cola […]